December 21, 2010

4 Days Left

Are you ready?  I wanted to share FIVE of my favorite handmade Christmas Gifts I made this year.  Some of these gifts are ideas from other blogs, others are my own ideas!  Lets get started. 

This is my #1 and a gift to myself, coasters were such a big thing this year!  How could you give these away.  I can't wait to make some for all year round.  I found clear glass candle holders from the Dollar Tree and mod podged scrapbook paper on the back side.  The swirls are cut outs from my moms cricut, they turned out perfect! 

#2 These burner covers are such a great gift.  You can put them on your stove or connect them with ribbon and hang them on the wall!  Brassy Apple has so many great ideas!  Her Magnetic Snowman is so cute!  The burners are from Dollar Tree and the rest is from Walmart for super cheap.
#3 Framed word collage:  My biggest obsession of the year, I had so much fun creating it.  Check out my tutorial

#4 This personalized Magnetic Board is so cute for anyone.  My husband is not a big fan of loads of pictures on the fridge so I decided to make this board to occupy both of our needs!  The second one with the T is one my friend made for her sister-in-law, didn't it turn out so cute!  Also, I took this idea and used it to make my Christmas Countdown this year.  

#5 Last but not least is the last project I will work on this year.  This is my mom's Christmas gift.  I am so excited to finally show her.  I know she will peek, so surprise mom, I hope you love it.  I bought the plate from Walmart for a few bucks, the fabric, easel, and the letter at Joann's.   
  • I found some cute fabric and mod podged it on the back of the plate. 
  • Then add another layer of mod podge over the fabric.
  • Paint your wooden letter.  
  • The result is a beautiful Monogrammed Plate!
P.S. Sorry for the condition my pictures are in.  I am not sure what is wrong with my camera (or maybe it is the photographer)!

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