December 3, 2010

My Obsession

I told you on Monday that I would post a picture of a fun way to display your CHRISTMAS word collage.  So here it is!  You will need some paint, a frame, and your word collage.  Joann's having such a great sale on their frames, 60% off how great is that!

  • Cut your collage to fit the frame.
  • Paint your frame

So simple to make!  Display your word collage for the holiday!

The cute frame above was a project my mom found at Craftily Ever After.  We made them at my families Annual Girls Day, and for girls night on Monday (I have not decided what to put in this frame though).  You can buy the small frame at Joann's for $2.  Paint the edges, and mod podge some cute wrapping paper on.  Once dry sand the edges and add another layer of mod podge.  Pretty cute huh? 

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