November 2, 2010

Coming Up Thursday!

November is definitely the month to get ready for Christmas.  This is it, there is no slacking from here on out.  I have a fun, yet simple project to make your home a cozy place!  My obsession with candles gave me the idea!  A decorating idea, or a gift!

While you're waiting for the next fun project:  A little treat for the Thanksgiving Season!  I made them for the Halloween weekend, but this can definitely be a treat that keeps on giving!  Pumpkin Cream Cheese Cookies, a great recipe from Studio 5.


jackie said...

I think your blog is great-very inspiring. I look forward to following it.

{Gregg and Carli} said...

Jackie, Thank you so much! So excited to see some of the fun ideas we come up with here!


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