October 28, 2010

Even Scary Ghosts Need Their Blankie

I am not really sure where the thought to make my pumpkin look like a quilt came from, so I will start from the beginning!  At work we are doing a pumpkin contest.  I thought about my hobbies and how I wanted my pumpkin to be about me!  I love blankets, being cozy, and HALLOWEEN! (its one of my favorite Holidays, I bet you can't guess the other?).  So began my quest to make my pumpkin into a Quilt!  If you look closely my pumpkin has some flaws.  I didn't sew the fabric on, but I think it definitely has character!  Here is how I best made mine.  You may find a better way that fits you, have fun with it and make it your own!
  • With wax paper mark the height of your pumpkin.
  • Trace down the pumpkin to make a cut out for the fabric.  Not all the pieces will fit perfectly, so use the cut out you made as your guide.  
  • With the cut fabric fray along the sides.  When glued on the Pumpkin it will look used!
  • I tried Mod Podge, but it didn't stick some of the shear fabric to the Pumpkin.  Instead I used a glue gun and it worked perfectly!  I cut the fabric as I went a long, not all at once.  This way you can make sure that each piece fits. (again the cut out is just a guide.) 

Gregg (my Hubby) had an extra Butternut Squash hanging around, so I made a ghost to fit the title!  Way cheesy but everyone at work thought it was cute!

   I would love to see how yours turned out, or any other fun decorating ideas you had for your Pumpkins!  Email me any time!


Melissa & Brady & Kate said...

That is so cute Carli! I love the ghost too!

Anna and Tyson Lawrence said...

That is super cute! okay next craft, i want to be invited!!! :)


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