February 2, 2011

{Inspiring Blog} Gluesticks

I couldn't wait to feature this adorable blog called Gluesticks.  Brandy is so inspiring with whatever she creates, I have yet to see her run short of ideas!  I asked her to pick one of her favorite projects and tell us why she chose this specific one to share.  Her project was called A "Cute as a Button" Baby Shower!

Brandy:  The baby shower was one of those projects where everything came together without a hitch. I had a vision and was able to carry it out---and that doesn't always happen! My favorite color scheme is blue and brown, so that, along with the fact that it was winter time, was the reason for the turquoise and brown colors. Bright and Clean. I also thought that the chocolate buttons were a fun addition as shower favors.
Thanks Brandy, this is so adorable.  Go check out her whole post of how to make these delicious cupcakes and more here!  Enjoy many more of her inspiring ideas by clicking the button below!


Brandy said...

Thank you so much Carli. The post looks beautiful. I am grabbing a button for my featured page right now!


{Carli} said...

You bet Brandy, and thank you for all your amazing talent! Keep in touch!


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