February 23, 2011

{Inspiring Blog} Brassy Apple

I was ecstatic when Megan from Brassy Apple agreed to be spotlighted today!  She is such a talented mother and wife, who is nothing short of amazing!  I have been following her pretty much since the beginning of Brassy Apple!  I am always finding inspiration from her and appreciate to time she takes to share her creativity with her readers. 
I like to ask my spotlights "What their favorite project has been?" So when asking Megan I thought I would ask "What her favorite has been so far this year?!"

And Megan's response.... "Favorite project of 2011 so far, Sweater pillows!"
"This project is simple, but makes a BIG impact! They add great texture, color and design to any room. I love that they are each unique and can be created on any budget."

I am in love her Heart pillow!

Now that Valentine's Day has come and gone I thought that I would ask those I spotlight to tell us what they did to celebrate?!

Megan: "Valentine's day means more crafting around my house.  Each year we create valentine boxes to slip our own love notes into.  This year we got really creative.   My daughter took an oatmeal canister and turned it into the Queen of Hearts. My son transformed a cereal box into a Valentine hungry monster, and my little guy's went from pizza box to "Infinity and beyond!"  He just loved to make it fly around the house.  Of course my hubby and I needed one too.  I covered a shoe box with book pages and used some playing cards to represent us the King and Queen."

"We also spent the night before Valentines cutting out and hanging hearts over our dining room table.  Then on Valentine's day we spent a great evening together sharing a meal as a family and opening our cards under a shower of love!"

What a perfect day.  Your family is so creative, I love all of your boxes!
Thank you Megan for your inspiriation, go check out her amazing blog full of fabulous tutorials and more!


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