January 4, 2011

New Year Project

Hello ladies, are you excited for the New Year?  I am so ready for all the new craft ideas and inspiration to come in 2011!  Here is a little project I started in November, and with the holidays I had to set it aside until now.  A side table for my sofa (YES just one I am waiting for yard sales)!

I bought some black gloss spray paint from Walmart for 96 cents!

 I also had some fun black and white scrapbook paper, which I cut to the size I needed, and then I mod podged the paper on (make sure to put a coat of mod podge over the paper to protect it)!

What do you think?  I thought it added a touch of ME to our home!


Alyse and Bob said...

I love this, I have an ugly cheap table from ikea that I want to do this to. Thanks! Hope all is going well.

{Carli} said...

Thank you Alyse! I had fun and it was so simple!


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