January 14, 2011

New Additions for a New Design!

Starting next week I will be adding 3 new additions on Just For You!

  •  Monday will be a feature called Inspiring Food.  The title is pretty self explanatory!  
  •  Wednesday will be a feature called Inspired by You where you (a follower) will be chosen to Spotlight your Craft.  To be the Inspiring Follower of the week, you must email me your name, your blog address (if you have one you would like to share), and the name of your craft with a picture!  Send this information to my email by clicking on the email address under Spotlight your Craft (located on your right).  I will spotlight an Inspiring Site this day as well.  I will contact that site when the time comes and feature their latest craft project!
  • Friday will be a feature called Just For You.  This feature will consist of many different subjects, such as The Book of the Month which will be posted the first or second week of each month; a craft that I have made with the tutorial;  Giveaways, or any other fun topics that come my way!  If you would like to share any recipes or other fun topics for these features please email me anytime!

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