November 10, 2010

Overwhelmed trying to organize?

I have been on the verge of going crazy.  The reason?  We live in an apartment with great storage space, but we tend to just throw everything in random places!  I was trying to think of ways to organize our disaster, when I came across this cute blog by Sarah @A Little of This-A Little of That!  She not only has great ideas for your home decor, but she also had this post about organizing your pantry.  Her tips can definitely be used around your whole home! 

Tips for organizing YOUR space:

  • Take everything out of your pantry/cabinets, and start fresh.
  • Have all labels on cans, bottles, etc face outward.  It looks clean and organized.
  • Get can risers (or MAKE them) for canned goods.  It makes a huge difference!
  • LABEL everything.  Even if you think it's silly, it will help you stay organized.
  • Buy baskets to put the pesky stuff in.  I used baskets for all my baking odds and ends (vanilla, baking powder/baking soda, food coloring, chocolate chips)
  • Paint can do wonders.  It really brightened up my space.
  • Be consistent in putting stuff back where it goes!
Here's a quick run down of what I did to transform and organize my pantry:

* Take everything out of pantry (for a fresh start)

* Install new upper shelf

* Re-paint all shelves (Valspar Arctic White-semi gloss finish)

* Paint walls of pantry (Valspar Butterfly Bush-satin finish)

I really dislike having no color on the walls.  
Off to Lowe's I happily went to buy lumber, and some paint!

Here is a finished shot:

                                                                Check out the enitre post!

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Sarah said...

Thanks for the feature! I'll give you a shout out on my blog :)


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